Frozenspeed Photography

Just a quick plug for Jochen and Frozenspeed Photography, purely on the strength of these magnificent photos that he took for us on the March Destination Nurburgring trip (previously covered in exhausting length here)

These photos are shrunk in resolution for the web site – Jochen provides the images in higher quality than this.































Truly wonderful – thanks Jochen!


F1 2012 – prediction results

Way back in the mists of 2012 before the first race weekend, I was stupid enough to make some predictions on how the season might go… well, it’s time to find out quite how wrong I was… (original post here)


Prediction 1: Vettel will win the championship comfortably.

Result: Well he won it, but I don’t think anyone would say comfortably.


Prediction 2: Webber will win two races but will be beaten in the championship by both McLarens.

Result: Bingo!  Webber did indeed win two races (Monaco and Silverstone) and he was indeed beaten by both McLarens in the championship.


Prediction 3: Hamilton and Button will continue to be roughly equal, until Lewis starts banging another celebrity.

Result: He started banging the same celebrity.  Close enough.


Prediction 4: Ferrari will be rubbish at the start of the year, but Alonso will win 3 races by the end of the season.

Result: Absolutely bang on again – Alonso won at Malaysia, Valencia and Hockenheim.


Prediction 5: Massa won’t win a race and will finish the year lower than sixth.

Result: Spooky so far … Massa didn’t win a race and finished the championship in seventh!


Prediction 6: Mercedes will finally win a race.  I think it’ll be … Rosberg.

Result: OK, I’m getting suspicious now … Rosberg won for Mercedes in China…


Prediction 7: Lotus (last year’s Renault) won’t be quick enough and Raikkonen will get bored, though he will have sparks of brilliance and will qualify in the top 3 once.  Grosjean will cause several accidents and be replaced before the end of the year.

Result: Indeed, Raikkonen qualified only once in the top 3 – 3rd at Spa – though of course he did win in Abu Dhabi.  Grosjean did indeed cause several accidents (and was banned for it at Monza) but he’s been retained by the team for another year.  So about 75% right.


Prediction 8: Paul di Resta for Force India will score a top 5 finish.  Hulkenberg will have bad luck and will end the season well behind di Resta.

Result: Getting shaky now … Hulkenberg actually beat di Resta (11th to 14th), however di Resta did finish 4th in Singapore so half right.


Prediction 9: Sauber won’t make any appreciable progress and will be beaten by Force India and Lotus.  Perez will get poached for 2013.

Result: Sauber did get a few very strong finishes, so they did actually make progress – and they were beaten by Lotus but not Force India.  Perez did indeed get poached for 2013 (to McLaren).  Partly right.


Prediction 10: Bruno Senna will shine in the Williams and kick Maldonado’s arse but the team still won’t score more than 10 points all season.  Maldonado will be retained by the team because of the sponsorship he brings in.

Result: Very wrong – Senna’s been a bit pants and of course Maldonado somehow won in Barcelona which put him one place higher than Senna in the final tally.  Williams ended the season with 76 points.


Prediction 11: At Toro Rosso, Ricciardo will spank Vergne and will take a top 6 finish at one race.

ResultWrong again.  Although it feels like Ricciardo did better, Vergne in fact scored six more points.  And although Ricciardo qualified 6th in Bahrain, he never finished higher than 9th.


Prediction 12: Caterham (last year’s Lotus) will make Q2 on more than one occasion and will genuinely beat both Williams and Sauber several times throughout the year.

Result: Half-right again – Kovalainen made Q2 in Bahrain and Valencia but they didn’t genuinely beat Williams or Sauber.  Wishful thinking on my part, clearly.


Prediction 13: Marussia and HRT will tickle around at the back fighting each other for last place.  They will fall foul of the 107% rule a couple of times.

Result: Right – although they were never actually excluded from running.  Whenever they fell foul of the 107% rule they were allowed to race at the stewards’ discretion.


Prediction 14: Valencia will be booted off the calendar.

Result: Yep, that happened.


Prediction 15: Bernie will screw Sky and give the coverage back to the BBC (though that might be wild mindless optimism on my part).

Result: Mindless optimism it was, sadly.


Prediction 16: Eddie Jordan will confound everybody by becoming EVEN MORE annoying.  I’d love to predict that David Coulthard will tell him to shut the twatting fuck up with his hands firmly around the little fart’s neck, but unfortunately that’ll have to remain a beautiful dream.  However, Eddie will fall over on camera and blame somebody else.

Result: The jury’s still out on whether he’s even more annoying (I say yes) but he genuinely did trip during the qualifying for South Korea and blamed a drain cover – reckon that’s close enough :)


Well, that ended better than I thought to be honest – I’d only remembered the ones that hadn’t come true!  It started so well but then fell apart about half way through.  Well, it’s all a bit of fun isn’t it?

Roll on the 2013 season.