Back in the Ring again

Feck and dammit.  Jesus cocking Christ on a pogo stick.  I kept to 70 *all the way* from home.  Now there’s a temporary 50 limit for a lane closure that I can SEE doesn’t exist so I don’t slow down to 50 for it and *FLASH* there goes my clean driving licence.  Not a good start to the trip.

I haven’t been back to the Ring since The Catastrophic Trip Of 2013 when most of my fleet went pop or bang.  To be honest I’m a bit nervous about going back.  I’ve spent all my money and considerably more that I don’t have on getting them all fixed up again.  Another disaster would spell game over for Jimbo’s luxury life of Dicking About With Cars.  It’s now 8am and I’m on the ferry with bleary eyes and a minor caffeine injection gently circulating inside.  The 8am ferry is definitely the one to get – it means you miss the rush hour at both ends – but boy, when the alarm goes off at 3:45 it seems like the worst idea since I pre-booked my slot to sing Two Little Boys at next week’s karaoke.

Maidstone Services is usually an hour away, but having driven super-safely today and thus incurring the wrath of the law, it’s more like an hour and a quarter.  Mike’s just had his first lucky scrape – or rather not – of the day as he discovered quite how low the front bumper of our Teg is.

Mike says hi, by the way.  He’s amusing himself while I’m being anti-social on the ferry and talking to you instead of him, via the wonders of The Blog.

This is the “new” Teg.  Our previous one, the famous one that got dinged at the Ring last year, turned rotten over the autumn and needed major surgery in the expert hands of Hond-R.  So major, in fact, that it now has a new identity and is a Japanese Integra instead of a UK one.  Due to piss-poor planning on my part, we have foregone the intended UK shakedown and it will make its track debut at the Ring tomorrow at Destination Nurburgring’s double track day.  Then we’re driving it to Le Mans.  What can possibly go wrong?  Christ I hope nothing does.  If I get any more big bills I’ll have to start a pelican farm.

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