Destination Nurburgring Armco

Big sigh of relief to surviving day 1 of Destination Nurburgring’s double-header.  It’s early July and the weather gods are smiling, but the talent gods are not.

Elise and Teg all stickered up having survived day 1


I do enjoy Destination Nurburgring track days but I *don’t* like that (a) they sell too many places so the track is rammed and (b) there are too many knobheads.  The track was perfect today, gripwise, so all the quick boys were trying to set a time, whilst many others clearly didn’t know what a racetrack was, let alone why everyone seems to be in such a hurry.  Surprise surprise, people crashed into each other.

At the very start of the day, not 20 minutes in, I arrived on the scene at the Foxhole shortly after a supposedly “very experienced” driver had distributed his car into a thousand pieces over the circuit, which was then closed for well over an hour.  Sometime later a Megane’s brakes failed at Wehrseifen causing another near-hour stoppage while the tyre wall was rebuilt, and half an hour from the end there was a huge multi-car crash at Adenau.  People were passing on both sides (a big no-no) and wherever they felt like it.  I was passed once as I was struggling to hold the line through the 120mph kink before Schwedenkreuz – the very fastest part of the track at a point where the racing line is for me to close off his pass, and for me to let him through I have to sacrifice my line and risk going off as a result.  He had no way of knowing I’d seen him.  If I hadn’t, at least one of us would be dead right now.

And to make me even more arsey, when I checked the camera footage, the lap times were a bit pants too.  The Elise has come down to 9m20, which I’m pleased with considering it only has 118bhp, but the two (albeit trafficked) laps I did in the Teg were a lumbering 9m40.  That’s PATHETIC.  That car is a *weapon*.  Clearly I need to learn it a lot better.

But tomorrow is another day.  I won’t be forcing the issue – if the time doesn’t come then it doesn’t come.  And if a mysterious dark saloon takes me out approaching Schwedenkreuz then at least I died doing what I love.

The hat says, "Still Plays With Cars".


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