Jimbo catches another break

Another car broke down, and yet I’m classing it as another lucky win … but why, I hear you ask.  Why, Jimbo, why are you being so upbeat about a mechanical failure?

I’ll tell you why.

I was on my way to the pub for dinner with the boys, after which I was heading to the cinema.  The route to the pub is motorway, then 5 minutes on side roads.  The MX5 safely negotiated all the motorway and died on the Odiham bypass, where there was plenty of room to stop and have a think.

Not only did the breakdown happen in pretty much the only safe place of the trip (rather than the motorway), but it was within walking distance of the pub.

NOT ONLY THAT, but one of the other chaps was already there in a nice big car that we could all fit in.

NOT ONLY THAT, but I wasn’t actually hungry and was only going to eat dinner because everyone else was, so as things turned out I could forego the meal and wait for the recovery truck instead on a very pleasant August evening, then walk to the pub and have a pint before going to the flicks.

NOT ONLY THAT, but the truck came and took the car away to a local garage that was close enough to my house for me to walk to when it was fixed.

NOT ONLY THAT, but it turned out that the cambelt (timing belt) had snapped, which is nearly always fatal, but in the case of a Mk1 MX5 it’s just a matter of fitting a new one!

And I still got to see the film and got a ride home into the bargain!

I am officially the luckiest breakdown-sufferer in history  :)


3 thoughts on “Jimbo catches another break

  1. Jimbo, I just read your piece on your mid-life crisis. I’m falling about here! All these years I’ve known you…. how come I’ve never realised how much of a funny guy you really are? And a jammy one too!(Jimbo catches another break.)

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