Jimbo’s 40th Birthday bash

The car park of the White Swan was packed with Team Moo Moo’s track day weaponry.
A mix of the serious (911 Turbo and Caterhams), the underdogs (two MX5′s), the classics (Alfa Spider, Fisher Fury and Classic Mini) the new stuff (Mini Cooper S and hire car Diesel Astra… ahem), various other machinery (Honda Integra Type R, Honda S2000, Lotus Elise and Pug 205CTI), and the unreliable Fiestarossa.

My heart goes out to Ben who has persisted in trying to get the Fiestarossa reliable, only to be continually challenged by its poor mechanical temperament.

No sooner had it arrived in the car park and the bonnet was up and the inlet manifold and throttle bodies were being fettled with.

Much beer and pointing followed in the sunshine, and soon it was time for Jimbo’s evening meal and celebrations to begin.

Ben had prepared a fantastic hand-out for all the guests illustrating every car Jim currently has, and previously owned.

Cards and gift were presented in honour of the Birthday boy.

Sunday morning dawned and the weather was fabulous. The track briefing was the most relaxed affair I have ever attended, and we all ventured out on track which I believe was new to all of us. It quickly became apparent to me that although the circuit seems simple, it is in fact very technical, and would require a fair bit of practice to find a decent line.

Jimbo seemed in his element and never was out of one of his cars. His new 911 Turbo being ridiculously efficient at chewing up the straights and dismissing the corners as a minor distraction.

Lunch came and went, and the afternoons’ activity was only briefly interrupted by a photoshoot of Jimbo, his friends, their cars and a random bottom.

More hooning around and it was time to hang up the driving gloves for cake, a sing song, dinner, beer, talking crap (me mainly) and crashing into bed.

The following mornings’ full English set me up for the drive home, and as I trundled behind the caravans and HGV’s on the Woodhead pass, I reflected on a fabulous weekend, with wonderful weather, in a lovely location, with really nice people, having fun, doing what we like to do best, whilst celebrating the Birthday of one of the most generous and kind hearted people I know.

Happy Birthday Jimbo. Many happy returns…. Life begins at thirty-ten! (Apparently).





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