Meet the Team

Team Moo-Moo’s founder members:



Name: James Thomas


Born in: 1973, Oxford

Cars: tatty old S1 Elise, tatty old Capri, tatty old MX5, tatty old Honda NSX, relatively shiny Porsche 996 Turbo, shares the phoenix Integra with Mike G.

Comes first on the list because: He did the web site

Famous for: Never ever cleaning a car, lunching the same engine twice on the Nordschleife on separate trips, losing 4 cars on one Ring trip.

Ultimate Ring car: tatty old MX5 on ditchfinder tyres in the streaming rain.

Without cars I’d: Be a lot richer.


Mike C

Name: Mike Copson

Mike C

Born in: 1971, Stourport in deepest ‘Yammy Land’

Cars: 1992 911 Turbo 2, 1989 BMW 325i Sport (aka the ‘wallet buster’), Eunos Roadster, BMW Z4M Coupe, 2014 Fiesta ST (though that’s really Jo’s…)

Ultimate ‘ring car: Either a hire car as nothing handles like one or Porsche 964 3.8 RS

Famous for: Swearing, knowing Michael Schumacher… ;o)

Craziest moment: Nearly getting arrested for pissing in public in Monaco.

Without the Nordschleife I’d… ‘go slowly insane…..’



Name: David Woods


Age: Old enough to ache in the morning but too young to worry about it!

Birthplace:  Liberia (West Africa)

Cars.  MX5, Saab 9-5, 1954 Rover 90 (P4) “Ella”.

Ultimate Ring Car.  Gumpert Apollo.  Oh sorry I have to go for a lie down as I’ve gone all sleepy….zzzz……

Famous for.  Can’t really say but it involves a ‘Traffic’ Car and a shop window!

Craziest Moment.  Can’t really say but it involves a ‘Traffic’ Car and a shop window!

Blurb.  Went to the ‘Ring in ’05.  Got ‘Ring worm and can’t seem to get rid of it.  Totally addicted now.  Where’s FRANKS number?  I love proper OLD SKOOL cars where traction control is the ability for the driver to adjust the cars inputs and not some processing nerd with 4 masters degrees in computer programming!

Mottos. (1) Drive it like you stole it (But only on the track).
(2) There’s no skool like old skool.

Without the ring………………… I’d have lots of money!

Final thought…………………  No matter how quick you think you are there’s always someone more experienced or talented.  Know your limits and stick to them.  Keep the speed on the track and come home in one piece.  But most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!


Mr Benovich

Real name: Ben Guynan

Ben mugshot

Born: 1974, Romford

Cars: Nissan 350z, Octavia vRS, Integra Type R (heavily modified), used to share Fiestarossa with Jimbo before it went to its new home.

First trackday: Snetterton, 2007

Blurb: Was invited to the Ring one year by Copson over a coffee in the Suzuka Paddock (as one does in their hedonistic F1 days) and caught the bug from there. Generally do 2 trips there a year and expanded it out to 12 or so track days a year across UK and Europe.

Ultimate ‘Ring car: GT3 RS. Nothing seems to be quicker. Now you see them, now you don’t…

Famous for: Beaching the Fiestarossa in the gravel at Spa in front of clients. Oops! And going through brakes on Alfas at the ‘Ring.

Favourite phrase: Gonna need bigger brakes.

Best ‘track’ car ever driven: Ferrari F430 Challenge at Ascari. Yum!

Satisfying moment: Lapping Goodwood in a misfiring Fiestarossa only a second slower than Jimbo’s NSX

How do you fund your fuel tank?: Run commercial side of two media brands – Classic & Sports Car and Gramophone.


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