OldTimer GP

Done with our own track time, it’s the OldTimer GP at the Ring so we’re spectating.  And we learn the hard way that you should *always* take the umbrella when you go into the forest… so, so wet …

Formation lap at Wehrseifen

Peering through the trees at an E-Type at Pif-Paf

Porsche 914 coming out of a dampening Kallenhard

Cobra not entirely ideal in these conditions, you would think

Rainy steam at the top of Ex-Muehle

The white elephant roller coaster on the GP circuit

Cool classics in the paddock

BMW M1 for kids, apparently

If Colin Chapman made BMWs...

A cheeky spot of Veuve-Clicquot in Jaguar hospitality

Norman Dewis - legendary Jaguar engineer for 33 years - at the age of 94

Flaming BASF M1

Ben tries out a Maserati Shamal at the auction

My first ever auction and an ex-Walter Roehrl 911 sells for a million dollars!

There's a somewhat different attitude to drink-driving over here...


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