Oscar predictions 2016

Oscar season is upon us again and, as is the tradition, I’m having a stab at predicting the results.

This year feels a bit weird.  Normally I feel like I’m making educated guesses, but this year, for the first time, I’m quite confident.  That probably means I’m going to get them all wrong.  It’s also the first year that I’ve thought *all* the Best Picture nominees were really good.  Something is changing in Oscarland…

Anyway.  For better or worse, here we go.

Best Picture: An outside chance for Spotlight, but it’s probably going to be The Revenant.

Best Director: Alejandro Iñárritu for The Revenant.

Best Actor: Without the faintest shadow of a doubt, Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant.

Best Actress: Definitely going to be Brie Larson for Room.

Best Supporting Actor: I really hope sanity prevails and it goes to Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies … but I think, unbelievably, they’re going to give it to Sylvester Stallone for Creed.  8O   I know!  But let’s not forget they gave Best Picture to Rocky in 1977 over Taxi Driver… they have form for such lunacy …

Best Supporting Actress: This is a three-way fight that I keep changing my mind about.  Rooney Mara has a shot for Carol but I don’t think her role was broad enough to win with. Kate Winslet has a bigger chance for Steve Jobs, but I think it’s going to Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Very probably The Big Short.

Best Original Screenplay: Almost certainly Spotlight.

Best Animated Movie: Can’t see it going anywhere else but Inside Out.

Best Cinematography: Absolutely positively The Revenant.

Best Visual Effects: Now here’s a tricky one.  Mad Max could sneak this one on the night.  But I think it’s going to be Star Wars.  This is the one I’m least confident about.  Ironically, given the amount of gongs that The Revenant is likely to get on the night, I think it’s going to miss out on this one, which is the one that it deserves the most.  You could only tell the effects were effects because clearly that *can’t* be Leonardo DiCaprio being tossed around by a bear because, well, he’s still alive and is present to pick up his first Best Actor award.  That’s what a Visual Effects award *should* be for.  Not the Millennium Falcon looking a bit too crisp as it flies over a desert.


And so it is with trepidation that I press the Publish button, consigning my predictions to their ultimate fate.  We’ll find out how close I was on the night of 28th Feb.

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