Porsche Pronunciation Predicament

Is it pronounced “Porsh” or is it “Porsher”?  Does anybody else care?

The question is a moot point, because the company takes its name from Ferdinand Porsche, who was a German and pronounced his name “Porsher”.  So that’s the end of the matter, surely.  Case closed.


Life is never simple.  Well, not when you overthink things, as I’m often accused of.  Personally I think everybody else *under*thinks, but then I would.

Forty years, I was happy saying Porsher, because it’s correct.  I was aware it made me sound a bit poncey, but I was prepared to put up with that for the sake of accuracy.

Now, everything’s changed.  Now, I’ve *got* one.

I know, it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.  Now, when I say Porsher, I’m the twat with the Porsh.  It sounds like I’m trying to be superior, like I’m the kind of knobhead who wears a Porsche jacket just so everyone will know that shiny thing in the car park is *my* shiny thing.

Of course, it’s not my place to judge whether I *am* that twat – but I *am* allowed to try not to appear like him.  And so I’ve found myself saying Porsh, despite knowing it’s wrong, so that people will be slightly less likely to think I’m a bell-end.  And I die a little inside.  Which, I suppose, means I *am* a prat after all.


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