Spa mistake – video

And here it is.  Following on from the last post about my Spa cock-up, here’s the video:

As predicted, it isn’t *quite* as I remembered it.  For starters, the Clio clearly wasn’t lifting at all, he might not have even known I was there.  Without question I should’ve bailed out of the overtake halfway down the straight.  Somehow I’d convinced myself that the Clio *was* lifting and so it was safer to complete the move.  And then because I was focussing on him, the braking zone arrived before I was ready for it and caught me out (who moved the braking zone?!)  And then of course it was wet on the left (where I wasn’t planning to be) so I couldn’t stop on it.  Fortunately Ben in the Porsche saw it all developing and didn’t turn in on me – thanks again Ben and sorry for putting you in that situation!

So that’s what happened.  That was my big mistake and I publish it here in the hope I will learn from it and be a bit less stupid next time.

Place your bets.

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