Ringing at Spa

*Slightly* intimidating to be told in the briefing, “overtake where you like, it’s the overtaker’s responsibility to find their way past.”  Hmmm.  Can’t imagine that working very well.

As it happens it was *mostly* fine.  I mean, I did have an RCZ try to kill me, an M3 nearly got taken out by a dawdling Radical and I completely failed to notice a 991 diving down the inside at Rivage … but minor heart attacks aside, no damage done…

Penis in an RCZ cuts right across me leaving me nowhere to go


Yay! We're at Spa!


Buzzed by a Maserati MC12 - how cool is that?!

Raring to go in the pit lane

Looking down onto the best corner in the world - Eau Rouge

No matter how much it gets cleaned, this circuit always has Pouhon

First time I've ever seen an MC12 in the wild - *such* a cool car

and soooo fast

Ben takes La Source


The rain came about 4pm ... is it always does at some point at Spa

Bit weird to have wine tasting at a track day, but hey, when in Belgium...

Ben's Teg basking in the glory of a day well done

Tegs taking a drink in Stavelot

Highlights reel:

All in all, I do think I’ve started to bond with the Teg.  It’s *very* pointy – even more so than the last one that had a broken trailing arm – and I’m not sure the new Advan tyres are as good as the R1Rs in the dry, though they’re better in the rain.  But I’m a whole lot more comfortable chucking it around now.

So tomorrow we find out how fast I can pedal it around the Ring…

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