Sparring at Spa/Ring

Here we are again, on the Dover-Dunkirk ferry.  It’s Ben and me this time, both in Integras, and we’re off to track days at Spa and The Ring.

Ben's Integra on the ferry.

Staggered Integras on the ferry.

Ben’s car is rather more focused than mine, having only one seat and lots of go-faster mods.  Mine is a road car with a few performance tweaks, but it still feels like a weapon.  Last month’s trip to the Ring only proved that I haven’t learned how to drive it yet, being unable to get within 30 seconds of the Elise’s time, despite having better rubber and a significant power-to-weight advantage.  So this trip is a training exercise, which will hopefully find me bonding with the Teg and starting to extract some of its potential.

Provided it doesn’t break down, of course…

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