Speed bumps at race tracks

Now I know this post is going to paint me as Mr Angry, especially after the previous rant about Gran Turismo, but fuck it.  Maybe I *am* Mr Angry.  Here we go.

Speed bumps?  At FUCKING RACE TRACKS?  Really?!?!?!

Here’s what happened at Bedford Autodrome this week, both on the way in and the way out:

Huge speed bumps at race tracks just push my buttons.  What colossal moron is signing these things off?!?!

Here’s what I’ve written to MSV, who run Bedford Autodrome.  Let’s see if they reply.

Guys, you really need to sort out your speed humps. The ones inside are moronic enough considering it’s a race track and therefore encourages low cars, but the painfully asinine speed bump at the entry/exit did its best to rip the bottom out of my car on Friday and instantly turned me from happy-to-be-at-the-track into Mr Angry on both the way in and the way out. It doesn’t matter how good your track or your people are if it’s going to destroy my car. If you choose not to fix this then you will never get my business again because I quite like my car and I don’t want it to be destroyed by driving into your facility.

You can see pictures of my car at the end of the video, taken at Cadwell the week before. As you can see, it’s hardly a Radical. It gets over all the humps in Bedford and everywhere else with no drama, as long as I slow down for the monsters. It is also worth approximately the same as a pork pie and a blow job, and is therefore not worth my suing you over. However, I urge you to walk outside and take a look at the hump itself, whereupon you will see all manner of hideously expensive scratches and gouges made by your paying customers who are almost all considerably wealthier than me and definitely more litigious. It’s only a matter of time.

I attach the dashcam footage, which enables you to see exactly where the offending monolith lies. The video contains explosive profanity, which I wholeheartedly endorse, even with hindsight. Despite my profound embarrassment about publicising my primitive reactions from the heat of the moment, I feel you need to know quite how much rage it engenders in a customer when negligence results in damage to one’s car. You might as well sprinkle nails in your parking spaces. It really is that bad.

I doubt I’ll get a response.  Their business model presumably allows for their customers to fuck their cars up on the way in and out of the track.  But I certainly won’t be one of those customers.

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