The future is worm-shaped

You know when you have one of those ideas, and you know it’s bloody stupid but at the same time it seems kind of brilliant?

No me neither, but this one is at least bloody stupid.

You’ve heard of a wormhole, right?  It’s a kind of cosmic tunnel that links two spots in space (stop me if I get too technical).  We don’t know for sure if they exist but the science suggests they might.

The two ends of a wormhole can be fairly close together – they don’t have to be billions of light years apart.  And I can’t see anything in the description of a wormhole that says the ends can’t point in different directions.

So just imagine.  Just imagine if there was one that looked like this:

So the two ends point at each other and are lined up with a big gravitational source (e.g. a planet or star).  Then stick a rock in the middle.  The rock drops towards the planet, goes into one end of the wormhole and comes out the other end, whereupon it *keeps accelerating* and starts the cycle all over again.  It’ll keep doing this, getting faster and faster.  If I stick a propellor in the way, it’ll whack that and make it turn, then accelerate through and hit it again.  And again, and again, ad infinitum.

Have I just invented a perpetual motion mechanism?

Of course not.  But I’m not quite sure why.

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