There there sleepyhead

I don’t suffer from insomnia.  I rather enjoy it.

Actually, I should qualify that – on the whole I’m ridiculously good at sleeping.  Too good in fact.  It’s the waking up part that I usually have trouble with.

But occasionally I’ll lie down in the dark, close my eyes and the angels that usually carry me daintily off to dreamland fail to materialise.  When this happens my brain merrily dances around its dozy head-meadow and keeps me entertained while I’m waiting – and I have to say that’s quite a pleasant sensation.  I don’t mind not sleeping, as long as it’s only for half the night.

Tonight, for absolutely no reason, my brain is bounding around like a caffeinated puppy and it has decided that we absolutely must figure out a way to use all three of “there”, “their” and “they’re” together in a sentence.  Drop everything!  This is more important than sleep!

Hmmm.  OK, we can figure this out.

“I called my friends at the airport.  They’re there; their baggage isn’t.”

Ooooo that’s good.  We like that.  Well, sleepy Jimbo likes that.  But sleepy Jimbo’s wakey brain isn’t happy with that poxy semicolon in there messing things up.

Really?  Seriously?  Oh for pity’s sake.  Ohhhhhh alright then.  What else can we do?

Ooo wait a minute …

“They always drink too much in Spain.  When they’re there they’re their own worst enemies.”

Phwoar, that’s knocked it out the park.  Go sleepy Jimbo!

Oh bloody hell, now what?  You’re worried you won’t remember your cleverness in the morning and somehow that’s important in some way you can’t quite explain?

Right, well I guess you’re not going to let it go, so how about I get up and write a blog post about it?  Will that make you happy?

Apparently it did.  Can I go to sleep now please?


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